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It’s been a long time…

Some of you may be wondering where the hell I have been…
Truth be told I have been around the world, literally.

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US of A

Back in the USSR… or the UK even

Photo’s from all these trips can be found in the Gallery. Detailed links can be found in the blog entries.

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Back in the USSR… I mean UK.

After landing in London at Terminal 5, Vlad and I jumped on the shuttle bus back to Terminal 4 where we had booked a couple of rooms at the Yotel Hotel for the night.
Since he had a flight out the next morning there was no point in him going away from the airport and due to the potential for us to get it really late it was not worth my effort trying to get where I was going that night.

Speaking of where I was going, mum had spoken with the Oxford relo’s and arranged for me to stay with them for a couple of weeks while I found myself some more permanent accomodation in London. More on that little adventure in a bit.

Back at the airport, Vlad and I checked ourselves into the hotel and then hit up the pub for one last drink together (at least for a few months). Due to the lack of sleep and early rise the next day we both called it a night around 11pm.
We woke the next morning and had ourselves some breakfast at the pub and he then headed off to catch his plane back to the warmth of Australia.

I went back to my room, packed my stuff and then proceeded to find out where I had to go to catch my bus to Oxford.

In my travels over the previous month I had managed to lose my UK SIM card so Vlad gave me his, not realising there was no credit I got on my bus and attempted to call the relos to let them know I was on my way and that I would be in Oxford soon…
Not being able to get any of 6 SIM cards to work is quite annoying, thank god the bus had free wifi, I managed to get mum on Skype and had her call my mobile phone.
I explained the situation so she called the relos and soon they came and picked me up.

I spent the next 2 weeks living with Jean and Ken, it was a very nice 2 weeks. Nothing to do but eat, sleep and try find myself a place to live so I could let them get on with their own lives.
At some point my laptop finally gave up and the monitor officially died, I was not happy. It was going to cost more to fix than it would to buy a new laptop so after I got myself to London I picked up a new Samsung NC10 from a local shop.
Eventually I did find myself a place to live so middle of november I packed up my stuff for hopefully the last time in a while and got on a bus headed for London.
I got to the house and re met my new roommate and the few housemates that were home.

All this was some months back, since then I have met heaps of new people, drank plent of booze and had lots of fun.

I will post a more in depth report at a later date including some pictures from our house christmas party.

Until then…

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