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Ribs 2.0

There is one thing about being a dragons supporter that I have learnt in my 27 years on this earth.. Don’t get too excited about grand final night because you will only be let down.
Thankfully not this time!!

What else goes better than watching your team win their first premiership in 31 years than ribs and beer?

I decided the morning on the game that it was going to be a rib night, if they won they would be celebration ribs, if they lost.. Well at least I would be full.
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A good friend and I seem to have made it our lives work to only be good at 1 thing.
Eating, specifically eating pork ribs.

We have eaten ribs in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, New Jersey, New York, Orlando and countless places in Sydney and other parts of Australia.

Recently we made the potentially disastrous decision to attempt to cook our own ribs.
Both of us have eaten ribs cooked at home before but never have they been anywhere near as good as the ones you get from a decent restaurant. More often than not there is little to no meat and what meat is on the bone is tough and chewy.
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