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Ribs 2.0

There is one thing about being a dragons supporter that I have learnt in my 27 years on this earth.. Don’t get too excited about grand final night because you will only be let down.
Thankfully not this time!!

What else goes better than watching your team win their first premiership in 31 years than ribs and beer?

I decided the morning on the game that it was going to be a rib night, if they won they would be celebration ribs, if they lost.. Well at least I would be full.

Paid a visit to the butcher and cleaned them out of the baby back ribs.

Took them home and started with the prep.

First up was to get the BBQ sauce started.
I wanted to try something new, so I opted to make my own.

Following the recipe found here I cooked up the sauce and then set it aside.

Next up was the dry rub, again thanks to I followed the recipe for Meatheads Memphis Dry Rub.
Once this was finished I coated the ribs and put them in the fridge for the night.

The next morning they looked like this…

Since I don’t have a webber at home, these ribs were going to be done on the gas BBQ. This meant that I needed to add my own smoke, rather than go looking for liquid smoke I opted to try it for real and picked up some hickory smoking chips.
Wrap them well in aluminium foil and stab some holes in the top and you have a cheap smoker box.

You can just see the foil packages under the grill on the left side of the BBQ.

Once the BBQ was up to temp (about 110c) the ribs went on.

The dog thinks he is getting fed, I had news for him.

After about 2 hours under the hood I had a look to see how they were going.

Looking good to me.

A total of 4 hrs cooking time and the ribs were just about perfect so they were removed from the grill and the heat was turned right up so the BBQ sauce could be added.

The finished product.

No shots of the cut ribs this time, but to me they turned out almost perfect.

The sauce was great and I highly recommend anyone who has a chance to make it (it goes great with just about everything).

The meat was tender without being mushy and there was just a hint of the woody taste from the smoke coming through.

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