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London Bridge is falling down…

Not really, but it has done on occasion.

Our journey continues to the city of London.

After quite a number of LONG train rides across the country in the previous few days we were a little exhausted so the first few days in London were mostly spent doing very little.

We made a visit to Wembley Stadium and did the tour.
It was cool, not as good as the Anfield tour in Liverpool, but interesting at least.

Photos from Wembley can be found here.

The next few days we did the tourist thing. Wandered around Picadily Circus and Oxford Circus one day, jumped on a double decker tour bus a day or 2 later (the rain killed one sight seeing day).
We visited all the sights (or at least drove past them), London Tower, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and various other sights.
The photos of the sight seeing tour of London can be found here.

A few days later we decided to check out the Imperial War Meseum. The place is huge. 4 (or more) levels of War History.
There was tanks, planes, giant guns and a copy of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima plus exhibits on WW1, WW2 and just about all the major modern conflicts.

We spent a couple of hours just walking around taking in as much information as we could, you could easily spend a few days there if you were to actually read/look at everything on display.

All the photos from the museum can be found here.

I should probably mention that during this time there was no shortage of eating and drinking, but if you have been paying any attention to this blog you will have guessed that already.

One night stands out though. After having a fairly quiet weekend the first weekend we were in town, we were determined to go out and get drunk and party/listen to some music.
We scoured the internet for places to go and Vlad found a pub a little out of town that had a live band playing.
We got to the pub and it was packed, worst of all the live band was playing upstairs and there was only room if you were a bean pole.
We went back downstairs and had a few more drinks and then left to find an alternative venue.

As we were walking back towards the station we noticed a number of people standing around outside down a small alley type walkway.
We wandered down to find a smallish pub with a large number of people and some sweet sounding music coming from inside.
We went in and ordered a few drinks, we then found the source of the music. A Jukebox. Even better was the fact that it was a Jukebox filled with rock songs.
We must have spent about 15-20 pounds on songs that night but it was money well spent.
We ended the night on a high and headed for home.

The next night Neridah and Jess came to town for a Peaches show.
Vlad and I also bought tickets since he had heard of her before and I was up for a night out.

We were disappointed to find out that it was actually a DJ set by peaches and not an actual live show but it was an interesting night anyway.

The next day we had lunch with the girls and then set about sorting out the remainder of our stuff for our trip to Croatia.

We packed our stuff and then jumped in a taxi to take us to the airport for a 5.55 am flight to Split.

More on that trip soon.

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