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Now this is what I call summer..

Photos from Croatia can be found here.

Getting up at 3am is never fun. Except when you are catching a flight to a Mediterranean island.

Flight left just after 6 am and we arrived in Split some 2 hours later.
When the bus finally arrived at the ferry terminal we had missed the 11 am ferry by about half an hour and the next one was not until 2.30 pm.
We bought our tickets and set off to get some food.
We had lunch (breakfast?) at a nice restaurant right near the water in Split and then wandered around for a little taking a few photos and trying to find somewhere cool to sit down.

We boarded the ferry around 2 and got comfy for the almost 2 hour trip to Stari Grad.
When we arrived Igor was waiting at the ferry terminal for us, we walked back to the house via the beach checking out the scenery on the way.

Once back at the house we got settled and then changed into our swimmers and headed for the beach.
The beach is more of a concrete wharf with a few ladders to enter the water in amongst the rocks. Safe enough just don’t go jumping in head first without checking.
The water was great (even if it was a little salty). We swam for a while and then we wandered around and Igor pointed out all of the places that he remembered from when he lived there as a child.

Since Igor was sick (more on that later) Sonja took us for a walk into the town and explained some of the history of Stari Grad (who would have thought a psych major would know so much history.
After some cake at a nice cafe we headed back to the house and called it a night.

The next few days were mostly spent at the beach since the weather was hovering around the mid 30′s and keeping wet was the best option to cooling off.

We did however bump into Clint and Anna while wandering around the town one night. It was really quite funny as we had been talking about them less than half an hour earlier.
We spent a few hours with them talking till about midnight.
They were headed for Hvar the next day and we organised to meet up if/when we went to Hvar.

On Thursday night we headed to the city of Hvar for a night of drunken partying.
We got there around midnight and the few clubs that were open were packed.

We found a place to have a few drinks and some fun.
We eventually called it a night around 4 am. Caught a taxi home.

Igor being the “artist” he is decided today was as good a day as any to wait up for sunrise and get some photos.
Me being the crazy bloody idiot decided he was right so we set off for some low light, early morning photos of downtown Stari Grad.
The photos turned out pretty good (even if I do say so myself) but the cool morning was not helping my cold.

Oh yes, I mentioned earlier that Igor was sick.
Well the bastard gave it to me. It started with a sore throat and then turned into a stuffy nose and finally a really annoying cough.
I’ll get him for that.

Our last day in Stari Grad we spent doing a little shopping and swimming at the beach.

The next morning we woke at 4 to be on the 5.30 am ferry back to Split to catch our 10am flight to Gatwick.
Little did we know, we were supposed to do that a day earlier so we were not actually on the flight that was due to leave at 10.35.
330 euros each later and we had a ticket for the place and were eventually on our way back to London.

We had booked a room for the next week in London. From there it is anybody’s guess where we will end up.

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