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Last weeks in London

When we last spoke, I was in Leyton LONDON in a crappy house planning on “moving out”.
Moving Out was just my excuse for not getting a job as most people know by now I headed home at the beginning of October for my mothers 50th birthday.
She had no idea and was genuinely shocked when I showed up at the restaurant for dinner. It was worth the money because I am pretty sure it made her day/night/week/whatever.

During my last 2 weeks in London, Vlad had already left for Jersey City, New Jersey to stay with his relos while I did the home thing. He left early to catch a few baseball games before the season ended.
I spent the last few weeks doing very little with the exception of 2 paintball events on 2 separate weekends.
Both very different but both incredibly fun.
The second last weekend in London I attended a large scenario event somewhere near Leeds.
Paintball Pete flew over for the event and Zac came up from Birmingham to join us.
We also met a few other Aussies as well as various Brits, Americans and South Africans.

After the event Pete joined me for a week in London so I played tour guide for a week. Was good fun even if the new house I mad been moved into was worse than the previous one.

Pete left on the Friday and I played in a tournament in Reading on the Sunday.
I then left the country on the Tuesday.

More trip details can be found in my Trip Home report.

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