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Trip Home

Photos from my short time at home can be found here

On my way home I stopped by Hong Kong for a day and caught up with Fran as she had just moved there from Ireland.
Had a good time with her in HK and then was on a plan again the following night.

I landed in Sydney early in the morning on the 3rd of October, Katrina picked me up after a little drama and we headed for her place.
What was supposed to be a quick stop at the shops turned into several hours, but eventually we made it to her place.
The whole previous few days mum had been sending me SMS messages trying to find out what I was up to.
Since I was in a different time zone I did not want to reply and blow my cover so I opted to just ignore them.

That night we had a BBQ for dinner; it had been far too long since I had had a BBQ so I had warned Trina that I expected meat for dinner.

We ate, drank and talked and eventually called it a night when all 3 of us started falling asleep on the couch.

The next night we were going out to dinner for mums birthday as Jared had other plans on the Sunday (mums actual birthday), but we had some time to kill during the day.
Kat and Scott went to the gym in the morning while I slept. I was woken by a phone call asking if I wanted to come get some breakfast. Since it was time to get up anyway I got out of bed and they came and picked me up.
We had some food and then headed home for showers and then went out for a drive to get some apple pie, when we finally got to the shop they were not making any fresh pies so we decided against it.
By the time we got home it was time to start getting organised for dinner.

We headed out to Parramatta and found a place to park, on our way Kat called dad to find out where they were. Turns out they were already at the restaurant (trust them to be early for the first time in history).
Our plan was simple, Kat and Scott would go in as expected and say hello and sit down. I would follow a minute or so later.
As I walked into the restaurant mum was busy reading the menu so she did not see me until I was almost standing on top of her. When she saw me she let out an almighty scream “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!” and then proceeded to hug me and burst into tears (in the middle of the restaurant).
After calming down we had a very nice dinner and then headed back to mum and dads place for cake/coffee/whatever.

The next morning we had breakfast with the whole family and had presents, with the exception of some drama from the resident drama queen the day was great.

I spent the rest of that week not doing much (sound familiar?).
The following weekend we had the big party, I helped clean up and setup for the party. The night was very good and I got to see most of the family and friends.

Next up we have the trip to the US of A

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